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Parts inventory for heavy vehicles

At Mont-Laurier Freightliner, we have an extensive inventory of new and used parts for the repair of your heavy trucks. We are a dealership for Freightliner and Westernstar trucks, which offer warranties on heavy truck parts.

Are you looking for a part or a mechanical supply in particular? Let us guide and advise you so that you can get what you really need!

Parts from the best brands


Parts for mechanical repair or for a truck design

In addition to mechanical parts, we also have various equipment to modify or improve the design of your truck: we have filters, lights, wheels, bumpers, brakes, chrome parts and more.

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DescriptionBrandPart No.PriceStateQty. in stock
Pièce neuve ou usagé pour vos camions et remorquesBatterie à double usage Detroit. Groupe 31, 730 cca. Valide du 1er au 31 juillet 2023 jusqu'à épuisement des stocksAllianceEPM.DD7T31E134.50$Neuf